About us

VIVIANI has been producing leather since 1932 and in 1988 a new plant with manufactory system with 12800 sq m was built on a site comprising 134000 sq m in Rešetari. With the construction of this new system our production has specialized in manufacturing of waterproof and breathable leather of premium quality for military, police and firemen footwear, boots for mountain climbing, hiking and hunt, motorsport and golf shoes as well as orthopaedic, medicine and children's footwear.

Each day the factory refines 18 tons of raw leather and produces 2000 sq m of finished leather. The high quality leather of the Simmental type that is used in the production is obtained from the suppliers in Croatia and in the EU and VIVIANI distributes the finished products to the European and Western markets and, in smaller part, to the domestic market in the Republic of Croatia. That what distinguishes us from the competition is the production of smaller batches of the leather of premium quality and specific colouring that satisfy the high chemical, physical, health and other requirements and our consumer oriented policy whose requests we strive to fulfil promptly and respecting the highest quality standards.   

Natural footprint

Immense experience of our employees and long-time tradition of production where VIVIANI has always strived to enhance the production process, strict control of each production phase that takes place under one roof, strictly controlled origin of the leather used in the production and proven traceability from field to feet are the prerequisites for the creation of the finished product under the name NATURAL FOOTPRINT.

VIVIANI NATURAL FOOTPRINT is a premium quality leather produced in compliance with highest technological standards, the leather that is produced using green electrical energy from renewable sources without carbon dioxide (CO2), the leather that is produced using the minimal amount of chemicals possible, the leather that is produced with minimal negative effect to the environment.


Energy drives everything. The enthusiasm and the energy of our employees on one side are responsible for our success and we try to continually and responsibly enhance the consumption of that energy because good motivation is what leads to excellent results.

On the other side, we strive to reasonably use electric energy and to diminish its consumption in the production and the new more energy efficient machinery has contributed to that.

Furthermore, awareness of the harmfulness of CO2 emission has resulted in our efforts to reduce it to the minimal level and that is why in our production we use electric energy exclusively from the renewable sources, that is, the energy without CO2 – Green Energy. Green Energy possesses a certificate from the renowned German certification body TÜV SÜD Industrie Service GmbH which guarantees that the electric energy that ZelEn customers use is acquired solely from renewable sources.


Because of the new machinery and the investments to modernize the production, water consumption in the production process is minimal, and VIVIANI has its own water purification system as well. Also, VIVIANI monitors daily and keeps detailed records on the quantity of all other waste materials that come from production such as paper, nylon, wood and pallets that are disposed through licensed waste disposal companies.

Apart from that, VIVIANI uses only the raw leather that is a by-product of meat industry and obtains it from the suppliers that are situated as close as possible to the factory.

Because of that the leather that enters the factory is fresher and of higher quality and fewer chemicals is needed for its further processing. Through shorter distance transport VIVIANI also positively effects the environment because this also diminishes the emission of harmful gases from the traffic. All employees live in the factory's vicinity and they do not need to use cars to get to work. This also gives them more free time to spend with their families and loved ones.

Concern for the environment and focus on environment protection VIVIANI additionally demonstrates with its vegetable garden that is used for the employees' needs.


Leather production is impossible without the use of necessary chemicals. VIVIANI however, through its continuous investments in both the knowledge of its experts and in the modernization of machinery and production process strives to minimize the quantity of the necessary chemicals at the same time maintaining all premium characteristics of leather as a finished product. In the production only the chemicals from the best European producers Clariant, BASF, Bayer, Stahl, TFL and Zschimmer & Schwarz are used. All the producers supply the written proof that their products are in accordance with REACH rules or with EU rule ELCHA HELSINKI concerning the prohibited or limited chemicals in the production process.

REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and restriction of CHemicals) represents a new EU legal framework for chemicals. Main goals of REACH are the protection of human health and environment, stimulating and improving the capacity of European chemical industry to compete in the market, impeding the fragmentation of the European market, improving the transparency in chemicals management, integration with international forces in the field of chemicals management, encouraging the implementation of alternative methods of testing the dangerous substances and harmonization with the international obligations.


VIVIANI believes in mutual understanding, respect and establishing long-term relations. Throughout the years this stance has been confirmed with the care for our employees and respect for our customers on a daily basis. Some of our employees have worked in the factory for over 40 years which additionally proves how special VIVIANI factory is. That is why VIVIANI continually invests in professional training of its employees who are educated in Croatia and across Europe as well. The company regularly pays social, health and pension security for all of its employees. All employees have annual medical check-ups and receive jubilee awards. Since the factory work is very strenuous and demands special work dedication, VIVIANI has its own kitchen where all of the employees can get free meal for which the vegetables come from its own garden.

As a responsible community member VIVIANI encourages local culture and art associations by giving its space (hall – dining area) on disposition for poetry evenings, gathering of local artists and other.



The complete production, that is all production phases resulting in finished leather in the Viviani factory, takes place under one roof in strictly controlled environment and in accordance with the requirements of the international norms ISO 9001 that defines the standards of quality management and ISO 14001 that addresses the systematic environmental management, that is the management in accordance with the principle of the protection of the environment. Validity of the manufacturing in accordance with these norms is regularly revised by the German certification body TÜV Nord Cert GmbH. 

Viviani is one of only few leather factories in the world that has a HACCP certificate and it collaborates only with those suppliers that have that certificate as well. Such systematic control process of the technological processing enables the further use of the by-products from the tannery – split in lime is used for the production of the gelatine and collagen for human use.

The factory has its own laboratory where the analysis and testing of all key leather characteristics are performed on a daily basis and where formulas for new products are created.

In the production we use only the chemicals from the best European producers Clariant, BASF, Bayer, Stahl, TFL and Zschimmer & Schwarz. All these producers supply the written proof that their products are in accordance with REACH rules or with EU rule ELCHA HELSINKI concerning the prohibited or limited chemicals in the production process.

VIVIANI conducts in its laboratory all the necessary quality tests in each production phase as well as the testing of finished product before it is delivered to the customers.

We regularly send our leather to the independent certified laboratories such us TÜVRheinland, Intertek, Mirta Kontrol and W.L. GORE & ASSOCIATES GmbH so that the outside experts can confirm our internal results in testing the products regarding all the essential leather characteristics.

LEATHER is a product for which the immediate touch is still the crucial factor, and tanning aside from being an industry is also a craft because without the craftsmanship of our employees, who are all experts in their part of production, it would be impossible to satisfy the high standards of our customers and of the market as a whole. It is actually in the close collaboration with our customers that we create the products of premium quality and that enables us to respond to all their demands.


Viviani produces:

Waterproof and breathable leather of premium quality for producing:

military, police and firemen footwear,
boots for mountain climbing, hiking and hunt,
motorsport and golf shoes
orthopaedic, medicine shoes
children's footwear

leather of top quality for bags and leather goods


Chrome free hydro leather is an innovative hydrophobic (water-repellent) leather which is produced without the use of chromium and despite that retains all the parameters of air and vapour permeability according to GORE-TEX standards. Such leather is the future of the leather industry. Namely, in current technology of tanning the useof chromium in producing water-repellent leather is necessary because without chromium characteristic of hydro leather could not be achieved.

VIVIANI succeeded in producing this sustainable and environmentally efficient product that meets all parameters of air and vapour permeability according to GORE-TEX standards.

The production of Chrome free hydro leather requires less water, less chemicals (does not require pickle, salt or acids in the process of tanning) and produces less CO2 emissions which makes the Chrome free hydro leather more environment friendly product. Chrome free hydro leather is also 100% hypoallergenic leather.



ISO 9001 represents international standard which comprises internationally applicable requirements for the quality of products, services and development. ISO 9001 provides guidelines for improving organization efficiency and its management in a focused and systematic way to ensure continuous progress. By possessing the international norm ISO 9001 VIVIANI confirms that it systematically manages the quality of its production process in a way that complies with international standards and principles of quality management.

Green Energy

VIVIANI is one of the first Croatian companies to use electrical energy from renewable sources in its production process which was recently introduced in the market by Hrvatska elektroprivreda (HEP) under the name Green Energy. Green Energy represents green electrical energy obtained exclusively from renewable sources which means energy without the harmful CO2. Furthermore, Green Energy possesses certificate from renowned German certification body TÜV SÜD Industrie Service GmbH which guarantees that the electrical energy that ZelEn customers use is obtained solely from renewable sources.


ISO 14001 represents international standard for an environment management. With environment management system an organization guarantees that all the effects of the production on the environment are identified, supervised and in accordance with the legal regulation. Various mechanisms used over time can alleviate or completely eliminate negative effects.

By certifying its environment management system VIVIANI has defined its goals in environment management, environment management policy, key aspects of the environment and related programmes and the method for harmonization with the existing legal regulations on environment protection.


VIVIAN I- is a member of the Leather Working Group (LWG). This multi-stakeholder group seeks to improve the leather manufacturing industry by creating alignment on environmental priorities, bringing visibility to best practices and providing suggested guidelines for continual improvement. It is the group's objective to work transparently, involving brands, suppliers, retailers, leading technical experts within the leather industry, NGOs and other stakeholder organisations.


Since some of the by-products from the tannery are used as a raw material in the production process of gelatine for human use VIVIANI has certified its production process in accordance with international HACCP certificate.

HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) is an international standard which implies systematic process of controlling the technological process in such a way that identifies all potential hazards in any process of producing, finishing, preparing, transporting and distributing the product. 

Control measures are aimed at those action and procedures that are vital for ensuring the health safety of the product.


SUN REFLECT LEATHER is black leather that VIVIANI produces in a special process and which does not absorb Sun rays but reflects them which gives the black leather the characteristic of white leather. Achieving this effect in leather prevents the warming of the leather and of the foot in the shoe. This characteristic is very important when manufacturing shoes for special purposes such as military, police or firemen footwear.

GORE-TEX standard

VIVIANI produces leather which with all of its characteristics complies with all the requirements of the GORE TEX standard.